pic: 1190 Robot

This is team 1190 Anonobots' shipped robot named B.A.M.F.R. for no reason at all. If you are wondering if our robot tips easily or not, it doesn't (with my definition for the word, 'easily' in this context). :smiley:

really nice sheet metal design.

One bend makes it stiff two bends makes it a channel.

looks like a very complicated yellow rubber band shooter

Now THAT’s some sexy use of aluminum. :cool:

What is that yellow cord?

I’m guessing it’s the stuff that mcmastercarr sends you when you order surgical tubing- it’s what we are using too. It’s pretty nice stuff, and the slide in connectors work pretty nicely- I.e. you do not need to purchase a welding kit.

I might be wrong, but that looks to me like a “double barrel” shooter. Awesome.

Please tell, how is the aim? Are the two launchers exactly parallel, or are they slightly confocal? If the latter, at what distance do the paths of their shots meet? If the former, do you move the robot a little depending upon which launcher is shooting?

If my questions are incomprehensible, that’s ok, it’s 5:30 in the morning. Good luck to you, and let us know how the double launcher works out.


Thank you for all of your replies. :slight_smile: Now, to answer some of the questions…
I forgot the name of the yellow tube (I’ll ask the guys who ordered it if I remember), but we did not use the slide connectors. We used soldering guns instead to melt it down and connect it! :stuck_out_tongue:
Yes, we have two shooters and they are parallel to each other. The gates open/close for each shooter so that we can choose which shooter to shoot with(even both if you are running out of time). The aim is up to the driver since we packed away our camera in week 4 or so. There is a video of it shooting using both shooters(when we only mounted the shooters on the robot) on our website. Click here.
I hope that I answered every question (I know that I didn’t answer what exactly the yellow tube’s name is). Good luck, everyone! :slight_smile: