pic: 1197: Tormentor II

We named it Tormentor II. It picks up balls solely from the ground, where a bottom roller sends balls into our helix hopper. The central helix roller (weTormentor II call it the hairbrush) sends the balls up our helix to the feeder, sending them into the shooter and into the opponent’s trailer (hopefully). The shooter can rotate 270 degrees (forward, left, and right) as a turret.


* 4-wheel drive powered by 4 CIMs (two-speed Supershifters)
* two fisher price motors for the shooters
* RS-545 motor* for feeder
* Mabuchi motor* for helix roller
* Mabuchi motor* for bottom roller
* globe motor for turret
    • interchangeable

Uhhhh, slicing and dicing orbit balls will get you a penalty. Cool bot.

:stuck_out_tongue: woooow, looks like ours http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/32823