pic: 12 wheels?


12 wheels?

Wow that is a small robot. What’s the weight on that?

I only count 10

Interesting chain routing…

Our secret weapon has two wheels on it.

And technically there will be 14 wheels used when the robot is done.

i see only ten!!!:yikes: !!!

Well then I’m looking forward to seeing it when it’s done.

Hi. Just curious, can you explain a little bit the advantage of pair two different types of wheels together?

Well, we originally had only the gray KOP wheels mounted, and we drove it around/over the bump with this setup and we needed about a 2 foot run-up to get over and turing on top of the bump was…difficult.

So we decided we needed more traction to help us climb, at the same time, adding the second wheels will make it easier to turn on top of the bump.

Third, we noticed if the robot falls to one side of the bump and slides back down sideways, the bottom of our frame hits the ground and we lose traction on the side that is furthest up the bump. Then, in the proccess of getting ourselves un-stuck, our frame rails could damage the carpet.

We also get more grip on the carpet while maintaning our quick turning ability.

wheres the kicker?:confused

it was removed at the time.