pic: 121 eats 148

On Friday 148 pranked us by putting their robot in ours. On Saturday we did again and went to the field for our match against them like this.

More photos at:


tastes like chicken?

it was a little dry…been out in the sun too long :wink:

I wondered why I saw 148’s robot inside of yours.


lol I remember the MC on Galileo saying something like “only here on Galileo is there a robot birth”

he said something about 148 being in 121s womb

nom nom nom nom

Hmm…I always wondered what 148’s bot looked like on the bottom…that was a very good robot.

And that he didn’t think that 148 being supported by 121 was “a legal starting position”…only in Atlanta…:cool:

This is certainly not the bottom facing the camera. It lacks rotary to linear motion converters (wheels).

I would guess (based on the lack of flag holder/ball knocker) that either their flag holder/ball knocker is easily added/removed or this is a spare chassis.

it was.

It was a spare chassis. I was setting up our robot for that match when I saw 148 in 121. I was confused for a second because I thought 148 was on our alliance. Then I looked around and saw 148 right next to us against the wall. Strange sight to behold


Not quite a lolcat, but it will do!

No no no… you’ve all got it wrong. They are pretending to be a Kangaroo & a Joey in honor of the new New Zealand* Regional next year. :stuck_out_tongue:

*There are kangaroos in New Zealand as well as Australia right?
Because if not, there goes the basis of this whole joke… lol

Nope. Gotta change it to wallabies.

I always wondered if one of the hurdlers would try to catch one of those little running bots and hurdle them.

I wanted that to happen at first , but realized the robot carnage that would happen (even to something wicked sweet like 148’s machine) after a 7-or-so foot drop would probably make me cry.

initiate mars lander system, BUBBLES!!

Actually- in our scouting conference we talked about about starting a match carrying or dragging 148 in robocoach mode and scoring double for our lap of the field and then toppling them out once robocoach period was over.

However our alliance captain had different idea for alliance partner choices so it never came to be.

The 1114-217-148 alliance was one of the strongest ever in a FIRST competition. They deserve the highest congratulations!!!