pic: 121 - Rhode Warriors in CT

One of my favorite shots of us from CT. We will see everyone in Atlanta!

Check out some more photos from NH and CT at:


Be very afraid folks the Rhode Warriors are that good this year. If it weren’t for circumstances outside their control they could be heading to ATL with 2 regional wins.

Great picture Joe see you next week.

Nice pic! Hope to see y’all in the pits at Atlanta =D

Great picture! You guys were awesome in CT and probably the best offensive team I have seen in person so far this year. Good luck in ATL, we’ll see you there!

Good luck in Atlanta! I know that you’re going to do extremely well, no matter who else ends up in your division.

Hmm… that’s similar to ours except you are wide and don’t power them along the whole hopper. Plus I think you guys had the idler wheel traction control. Amazing shot, see you in Atlanta.:smiley:

Reminds me of 2753, beasts. Just for the record, that trailor was empty.