pic: 121

After last years experience, we are keeping it low this year.

So I am guessing that you are not planning on going over the tetras this year?

I believe that it is now illegal to go over any of the goal tetras. It was released in one of the updates. You will given a 10 point penalty.

Last I knew, the Q&A answered this:

ID: 1078 Section: 4.3.3 Status: Answered Date Answered: 1/11/2005
Q: Can a robot be driven through a goal if it does not break any other rules?
A: Yes

Can you specify, please?

can u tell me where u found this rule? i looked thru all the updates and didnt notice anything stating that u cant go over a goal tetra?
oh ok ogre answered my question :slight_smile: thanks

I think Keith is just refering to an accident that could occur if a robot should run over a SCORING tetra, not a goal tetra.

I think you guys should call it the “low RIder”

Man, I miss 121…http://www.davedelong.com/gallery/misc/emoticons/cry.png


You about gave me a heart attack there! Seeing as how I haven’t looked at update 6 yet (if its out?? I think I’ll go check after I post…), I hoped that FIRST didn’t make that kind of change midway through build season.

Looks great, 121. One question: are you worried about dragging in the middle of the frame if it deflects (if the majority of your weight is centered over your wheels, that shouldn’t be a problem)?


We too are hugging the ground, but for very… brilliant, reasons. We’ll have other teams seeing red if you know what I mean… :wink:

Anyway, what is the story on those wheels? I’d what are they covered in?

From past experience, the lowrider style works really well! Last year, we only tipped over once or twice with a low rider and that was only because we began to rock back and forth and a ball rolled under us and we tipped. This year I would not think a tetra could get under something that low. :rolleyes:

Good job!


hope no carpet rolls up as it did one match in OCCRA this year. they didnt replay it

The wheels aren’t covered in anything…they’re solid rubber :slight_smile: . A plastic center allows for a keyed aluminum hub to be pressed in (you can see all that in the picture). We are hoping for a little less bouncing when we turn this year. In past years we used pneumatic wheels, which caused us to bounce when we turn and made for difficult driving. Coupled with the “lowrider” mentality, they should be a perfect fit.

All my friends know the low rider

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Good job. Rock solid as usual, Rhode Warriors.

Andy B.

I’ve just got one word.

HOT! :ahh:

MODIFY: rule <G20> New text is bolded and italicized; removed text is lined out ROBOTS may push or react against any elements of the field, provided there is no damage or disruption of the field elements. ROBOTS may not grab, grasp, grapple or attach to the GOALS or any other field structure. Robots may not extend under the portion of the goal contacting the carpet, lift up or tip over a GOAL. If a ROBOT violates this rule, the referee will give one warning. If the referee determines that the team is disregarding the warning, or the actions affect the outcome of the match, the team’s ROBOT will be disabled for the remainder of the match. If a GOAL is tipped over, it is automatically OWNED by the opposing alliance for the remainder of the match.

I found this in Update 2. Please let me know if I am looking at this wrong. I take it to mean the robot can not come incontact with the carpet uner the goal tetras.

This is referring to the the 3 pipes in contact with the carpet, not the pipes that form the rest of the goal that the tetras are scored on. Driving inside a goal is legal, driving under the horizontal pipes in contact with the carpet is not.

Hi Folks,

Thanks for the kind words…To answer some of the questions in the thread:

The wheels are colson performas, they have a solid rubber tread.

We are using a 6 wheel drive design, so the middle wheel will prevent any bowing in the frame (plus the kit frame is quite sturdy).

We do not intend on ever going under the goal, or driving over tetras.

You will be able to see it driving in American Robot episode 3.

I feel like we are a bit behind just getting running this weekend, but hopefully we will kick it into high gear and have a functioning arm soon!

Good luck,


Don’t feel behind. We are still designing the arm, we just got wheels, and we have yet to machine and weld our chassis. Still working on the HexaMax too.

Yeah, we just finished some of our robot, You guys ,made a smart move by using the Kit frame and trans… (although i like our way too)