pic: 121


Looks very impressive. Is there only one ramp, or did you attach the second one after posing for a photo / will do so at competitions? Can your manipulator rotate tubes while gripping them? What kind of wheels/drivebase do you use? And finally, can you score on all three levels?

-We have only one ramp. And because of this, we still have ~9 pounds to play with…imagine the possibilities:D
-Yes, the gripper can rotate the tubes. It’s pretty nifty too.
-5" Colsons with the Kitbot frame and AndyMark one-speed transmissions.
-Yes, we have pre-sets that allow us to score at all three positions.

Check out the latest American Robotepisode to see the newest member of the Rhode Warrior family in action.

See everyone in Boston!

Looks great guys! Your gripper design was an innovative approach to manipulating the tubes. I cannot wait to see it in action.

nice claw…

yay! your claw is like ours!!
but that is a wicked arm!
can it go obth in fron and behind?

The whole machine is pretty much symetrical. The ramp can only be driven up on one side. Keep the questions coming.

I don’t care where I end up for school next year, because I decided that I am going to transfer to URI after one semester, just so I can be a RhodeWarrior. Another amazing machine and another bright looking season for 121. I can’t wait to talk to you guys at BAE and get all the details about this beauty


Hey Guys, your robot looks great! I like the grabber a lot and I still like how you designed a ramp on the side. Great job!

The manipulator you have there is very impressive. I watched your latest episode of American Robot and I am VERY impressed with how the inner tubes are controlled. With that system, you could score points in many different situations. Great design! I wish my team thought of something like that!:wink:

hmm… can we see the ramp deployment? I don’t think I saw it in episode 5. :slight_smile:

… Me like the bot. :slight_smile:

You will have to wait for Boston. We really didn’t get it working until the last day, and there is no video of it.

Here is a picture of us holding up 69


There actually is video of the ramp deployment taken about 30 minutes before the robot went into the crate. Look for it and some autonomous mode development in American Robot Episode 6 (which will unfortunately be delayed a few days due to the video editor having to catch up in school).

Thanks for the comments on the gripper, it was alot of work but it is also alot of fun to play with.

Best of luck to everyone.


Nice grabber and arm. I can’t wait to see your beast in action.

There ya go: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=55747&highlight=american+robot