Here is our new controller! The playstation like controllers have been rewired to use the double analog controls for our two-control drive. The old playstation still opens and the power button presses the robot-reset button.

Looks very nice,

I just want to comment on the fact that the field assistants will want to see all of your LEDs blinking correctly when they are checking to see if hte match is ready. So you may want to consider keeping that top CD cover off when you are at competitions.


That is so cool, great job guys!

GO 1403!!!

Very Nice. :slight_smile:

very interesting, a thought on the above post about the lights; you should make a lexan cover so you can keep it down and see inside and able to flip open, that would be awesome!

they look nice. have you had a chance to use them much? our team did something similar to this and the joysticks kept going out of calibration. We had a way to re-calibrate them on the controller but it seemed like way too much of a hassle to keep doing it during a match? are you having this same problem and if so, how are you overcoming it?

thats nice man

It would be really bad if a programmer was doing some last minute controls testing and grabbed the wrong playstation flying out the door… :slight_smile:

Very Sweet. 2 thumbs up from me good sirs.

i still think mine is better a ps2 control system and i use the ps2 ports instead of the 15 pin male. oh yea the cd tray comes out with switches

whoa, that’s awesome! :]