This is a full layout of how we made our drive system. At the top there is a full assembly. This is bulletproof which has been our team’s motto all season. There are six plates, three are welded to the platform, and three are bolted the previous three. Plate #1 bolts to the motor. Plate #2 is welded and fits the trans housing. Plate #3 is fit to bezel the front rim of the trans. Plate #4 is welded is press fit for a bearing. Plate #5 is also welded and press fit for the bearing. Plate #6 is the hubcap and keeps the shaft in place. This is all done with no chains. The entire assembly has a weight of 8.2 pounds and can be removed with 4 bolts on the stock frame. The wheels are 4” and painted for the banner sensors. In low gear we have about 5-feet/sec. Please post questions or comments.

Please see: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/pics/bin/110726868231.jpg

Bulletproof!! OMG - I wish you wouldn’t have said that! :eek:

haha it may be bulletproof but there are no bullets in the field. only crazy robots. quite a few of them actually lol. im sure theyll be fine. sooo compact!

nice… what kind of wheels are you useing?

NPC-PT314 from NPCrobotics.com

How are you guys shifting?

I love the compactness of this design it definately gives you lots of space to do other things.