Here is a close up look at our lift system, which is a two-stage double rack and pinion lift, powered by the fisher price motors using a titanium pinion gear (cut by a water-jet) that meshes perfectly with the fisher price output. Each is sandwiched together with linear bearing material. This system reaches a maximum of 13-1/2 Feet.

Cool lift system, I rather enjoy your hubbed sprocket mechanism, nice smooth transition using it the way it was meant to :slight_smile:

Isn’t titanium prohibited on robots?

Yea I was thinking the same thing, I know last year that it was not allowed.

It was allowed last year. The last year that there was an “exotic materials” restriction was 2003, I believe.

I was getting my manuals all mixed up, I forgot to mention that the gears look great, and I want to wish you luck.

Very nice sprocket connection. Its nice to see somebody else using the nice plastic gearbox they provide. :slight_smile:

titanium is considered exotic, hence the flowchart, (Source: question answered on the FIRST Q&A)