pic: 1213 GROVES modified tough box

This is Groves swerve steering drive platform this year it’s built out of tough box gears. This was designed by Jack Jones.

I may be mistaken, but it looks like you are using a 2 wheel drive on this robot?
Do you have something balancing it? Or do you have an extra set of wheels hidden in there somewhere? :smiley:

Please check the Q&A. It looks to me as if some of your chassis parts may be from last years KOP and may cause some trepidation at technical inspection. I hope I am wrong but better to know sooner than later. Good Luck.

Good eye! I was wondering if anyone would notice. Right now we’re testing, but our current configuration is not unlike a segway. The drive platforms are three inches behind our center of gravity. The platforms “crab steer”. We still have much testing to work out the exact details.

If you are talking about the IFI Kitbot parts they should be fine. The IFI Kitbot is still sold by IFI therefore can be counted as COTS components.

If there’s something else I am missing it may be a different story entirely, but I don’t see anything.

These Q&As will be relevant:


You don’t want to know what you’re missing. See http://forums.usfirst.org/showthread.php?t=11519, http://forums.usfirst.org/showthread.php?t=11564, and http://forums.usfirst.org/showthread.php?t=11616, and you’ll understand.

We are indeed in compliance with the rules. The chassis is a consumer off the shelf item, it is not from a previous years KOP.

As in, purchased? Good. (It just looks an awful lot like the IFI Kitbot, or at least the upper part does.)

Yes, it is an IFI kitbot chassis which is a COTS (consumer off the shelf) item through IFI. Any team can purchase one from here and be within the rules.

Yes, but did you purchase it, or did you use one from an old KOP? See the links I posted above, especially the last one.

It’s a fine point, and I can’t say that I necessarily agree with the GDC, but we do have to live with it.

Yes, purchased COTS item. This is not from previous KOP. do you need to see the receipt? We are completely legal in regards to this kitbot chassis.

I don’t need to see it. However, the inspectors may choose to ask for it, so keep it handy. (I’m not sure what the inspection protocol is in regards to this.)

I’m just checking.