pic: 1213 GROVES Shooter

This is Groves 1213 shooting system both the conveyor and the top roller launch the moon rocks. The shooter is driven by two fishy-dewalts (fisher price and dewalt transmission) we are running this in high gear.

looks nice, what is the material you are using on the non belted roller (the black material)

how far does it shoot?

Looks good!

It’s a conveyor belt material called rough top. You can purchase roughtop from Mcmaster-Carr or I think AndyMark has some too.

Thanks Ike, It’s hard to say how far it’s going to shoot. With only the conveyor system rolling it will shoot them about 6 feet. Our best guess is that it can score from about 10 feet. The shooter will be speed controlled base on our distance from the vision target.