What do you think is in the black diamond on the backside of our robot? and why do you think we would use it?

My guess would be the diamond contains LEDs to allow the driver to aim the cannon. We did the same thing and it works incredibly well–It just points to where we need to aim and blinks when we are on target. Its only a back-up though, if our EasyButton doesn’t work.
Great looking bot, by the way. Good job!

That is nice - I like all the triangles.

Say hello at queuing at GLR.

WOW! I’m Impressed. We decided that using the camera to adjust our gun horizontally and vertically, would be too slow and prone to failure. These LED “crosshairs” will give our drivers a positive lock on when they can fire based on feedback from the camera.

haHA! I knew it. it is a great way to aim–very accurate, and quick if your automatic aiming goes awry. I’m surprised there aren’t more teams doing the same thing. Its so simple…yet not. Awesome job!

oh…do i get a prize?

Good luck at your competitions!