pic: 1213 TARDEC Groves 2007 component


This is a possible design that we are working on.

niiiiiiiiiice ramp design…what are you estimating for weight? and also what are your dimensions on the platform/ramp

looks very grippy, good design, i can’t forsee a team unable to get up onto it, GJ

It looks good, but it looks a bit over-designed.

do you really need a triangular strut structure or could it just be an angle (L -shape) strut.

You could greatly reduce your weight of the ramp(s) by removing a third of the material.

Good Luck!

Might also be able to reduce part of the weight by only putting ramp surface where it will actually be driven on…and possibly integrating the ramp surface with the support structure (use one piece for both, instead of lots of pieces)

This whole structure should only cost us under 15 lbs. keep in mind that this is just a cad drawing. We have light materials specified for this system. This design will score 60 points if you can drive up a 20 degree angle;)

It also depends if your teammates have a lengthway drive train or a widthways drivetrain right? Depending on which sides you have the ramps on a widthways drivetrain could not get up it.

Fortunately no even if both our alliance partners are “widthways” and they can drive up 20 degrees we’ll be able to score 60 points.

Wide drivetrains have a shorter wheelbase and are more likely to tip on ramps anyway. Most wide robots would probably have trouble making it up a 20 degree ramp.

I’ve been wrong plenty of times before though.