Each of the plates are water cut and then plug welded together. Each assembly weighs 6.2 lbs. Last year we used an almost identical set up. no chains. no maintenance. bolts to the kit frame in two minutes. low center of gravity. They can also move!

Last years:

very nice. looks lighter than last years… whatkind of tires are those? ever think that the wedgetop and roughtop might be better or are those good enough?

Well the wheels are from NPC and they have remarkable traction. They have a durameter of around 60 (which is quite sticky). NPC makes good robot parts. you can find their products at:


Are those Colson wheels, or similar to colson wheels?

Also, I’m interested in learning how you couple your axle to the dewalt tranny output. Also, is there a bearing right next to the dewalt tranny output?

We use 1/2" keyed shaft with transmission end turned down to fit the 0.3 x 0.25 double-D.

Yes, a bearing on the wheel mount next to the transmission - just mirror what you see on the outside wheel mount.

I thought the post said TARDIS :smiley: