pic: 1213 TARDEC-Groves' Fundraiser Idea

Students find dual use for 2005 Robot!

Groves students find dual use for 2005 Robot!

After going to two regionals, and going broke in the process, the students at Groves are trying to find the cash to field a team for next year.

True to form for a year with “close but no cigar” and “close but no Nationals”, this fundraiser had it’s own misfortunes (pun intended). Related story HERE :o :slight_smile: :smiley:

awe man they arnt going? that sucks. i was looking forward to playing with them in the finals at Einstein Field…lol for real though i was looking forward to seeing that robot again at nats.

That’s photoshopped, right?

That would be a cool idea though, to make a hook game out of it!

Team 845 could be able to help you there, they have one of those claws…although theirs works better than the actual ones.

Hummmm, maybe we’re on to something here. Our own version of Cedar Point! Wildstang and others could make-up the Merry-Go-Round, where the horse (robot) grabs the brass ring instead of the rider. We could use Adams (245) as the Mini-Power Tower. All the while piping in music from Dean Simmons and the Kamens. We could even do a take-off on the “Freak Show”; just line up a programmer or three and call it our “Geek Show.” :smiley:

that is awesome. we should do that…i volunteer our “control freeks” (our programer guys) for the geek show…I LOVE YOU GUYS CHRIS MIKE AND KEVIN lol :]

Heh…we’ve come up with the idea of making an autonomous mode that would make SAM(our robot last year which has an omni drive) dance the electric slide with our team…that would be fun.