pic: 1219's 2009 robot, King Helix

This is 1219’s 2009 robot, King Helix, as of a few minute before crating.

Should put up a good fight at competitions. Love the 25 (06 version) looking bot.

Can it floor load?

Suprisingly, 25’s robot had little influence on the design. Several iterations had a much, much smaller turret and a seperate hopper, but we were running into space issues with them; so, we decided to put it all in one honking huge turret like 271 '06.

Nope, [strike]human-player[/strike] payload specialist only. Simple, efficent, and accurate was the name of our gameplan. We will see in a few weeks if we made the right decision.

We think more in combination of a floor-loaded robot. We just don’t want to get in the way ;D.

The two weeks of exams and Family Day really killed us on time. We’d have to do a bit more tweaking here and there (programming), and some more on the mechanical side. (@ Waterloo) Otherwise, everything is good to go.

And right when we were packing, we found a dead Jaguar. Lovely.:eek:

i missed a lot being sick on our last 2 days before shipping… being sick sucks when you have to miss robotics (even if it’s on a holiday, weekend or p.d day)

look better in pictures lol

Awesome robot. Interesting idea, and good implementation. Also, I love the name (very fitting, too)