pic: 122, 118

That’s 148’s crate… but it seems like someone from Team 118 got to it before they did…

Edit: (Oh, wait, Dave’s from 116, isn’t he? My apologies…)

How very unGP. :eek: what’s next? graffiti?:mad:

I like 122’s polycarb crate. What a cool and creative design! :cool:

Yeah, T-Up to 122’s crate!

I’m not sure I’m seeing the problem with 148’s crate.

I do know that 118 and 148 have a great history of competing at some of the same competitions, including the Lone Star Regional and the Championship, and they have what I would call a friendly rivalry with each other. They are both great teams and enjoy teasing each other at times. Like I said, I can’t see what is wrong but the two teams mentioned know and respect each other.

The other team mentioned, 116 - same thing. Very cool team.

122’s crate is awesome!

I missed it at first too. Take a look at the numbers, there is a reason the thread title labeled it as 118’s.

The stickers on 148’s crate were ripped so they looked like 118. We were across from them and were wondering why also?

Did anyone see the Companion Cube crate?! That thing was AWESOME. I wish i know who’s team it was.

Companion Cube crate is our team. Here is an earlier picture from CD Media.