pic: 1225's 2008 Electrical Board

This is our 2008 Electrical board for our comp robot. Finished it yesterday . :slight_smile:

really cool man !!! we are workin on ours … still… we had our robot rollin by saturday but instead of the plexiglass we had wood … so right now we disassemble everything to use plexiglass…

i wish we had that much room…

x2…looks good tho

Are you going to use an external Prog./Reset Switch? Is it going to be removable? It is looking good, you have plenty of room for running wires. Good Luck!

Its really pretty!!

I wish I had the patient for the cleaning up the wires:)

It looks so good!

If you are living somewhere near minnesota come and clean my wires, too!!

LoL!! Haha!!

Looks pretty good. Last year, IFI had recommended that the radio modem be mounted vertically (there’s an antenna inside the case, in addition to the external one). For safety, I’d put a little electrical tape on the positive connection to the ATC panel, since it’s very close to the negative.

Do you have enough room on the right side to get the serial cables in and out of the robot controller once it’s mounted on the robot? They take up quite a bit of room.

Thats what I was going to say. IFI also recommended that it be mounted 3 feet or so in the air. We mounted ours on our mast and never had a radio problem last year.