pic: 1227 teaser #1

What could this be for?

for drawing big circles on a big sheet of paper to make a big frisbee to win a big award for biggest smiley face on front and back of a big frisbee contest. sorry um feeling random

For some reason that doesn’t look like a robot… are you planning on making wheels or rims like that to put on the bot?

thats one big wheel! oh wait does your robot turn into a car? :ahh:

<joke>I knew it was going to happen someday, a FIRST team made a real transformer bot!! how cool is that</joke>

Jeeeez, isn’t it obvious that they’re gonna pimp their ride… i mean robot… they just need a little chrome.

Could the clue be that its an alloy? :confused:

Um… judging by the size of it, it may be some sort of rotating turret for their arm. Many holes for wiring and mounting and other such things. Or mabye its just a joke because I honestly have no clue.


I first saw the picture and thought Dave had posted another teaser picture and then realized that it was froma different team. I gave two whole sets of nice alloy rims to Dave to melt down in his forge. Though the end result was yet to be found when I was down there last.

Best guess yet, it’s got to lose some weight… We are so up against the max, on paper anyway.

I hope that the practice pimp rims, cuz they are already scratched, and that is not very pimp… (the scrathes)

But sweet looking rims, it’d be cool if they were on your robot

thats great…

put a spinner on it.

…no really do it!

This is starting to look like the 2006 game thread. Chrome-plated robots would be nice, though. I wonder if we’d still meet the weight limit.
“Uhh, guys, is chrome heavier than aluminum?”
“I don’t know. But it is cooler.”
“Chrome it is.”
“By the way, we aren’t having a battery this year.”

I’m going to give a small clue:
We are using it. It’s not just to play with your heads. (Well, that’s part of it, too. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Are you using it in the form it is in in the picture? Or are you cutting or melting it down?

Chop saw attack, in the next few hours.

well is it gonna be a turet of some sort?

That would be telling. :wink:

It’s your job to figure it out, and our job to crack up. :slight_smile: