pic: 1249 on back

Not able to climb ramp this time. 1249 on its back during final semi match. Had been double ramping with 128 on the ramps of 378 before this match

With this match… Either there was a whole lot of mistakes that went down, or it was VERY aggressive! This is a great picture of true defensive stratagy! I like it!

This pic is from the semi finals in Pittsburgh, 1249 was playing aggressive defense against us, which was working until they flipped. If I recall, this one was a close match but 1249 got penalized for being in our home zone at the end of the match which swung the score in our favor. I actually took that pic and sent it to the 1249 team, kinda neat to see it on the site!

thats why flies have wings… hint hint

wow, this is chaotic. how did that robot tip over? hahaha

Although I wish end zone penalties were negated like last year for robots tipped or disabled, the rules are the rules. And no team understands this better than you guys. Way to go for keeping your heads high no matter what happened and being the friendliest bunch ever. Thank you for making me an honorary member and getting me the signed shirt. I am truly honored. Best of luck down at Palmetto. I’ll be rooting for you guys. Hope to see you at the CMP.

This was an awesome semi-final to watch. 1249 was playing aggressive (and fair, and very effective) defense when it got flipped. They had come in strong against 1038 and came up off the ground. 1249 tried to reverse off of 1038 just as 48 tried to pick them off to get 1038 clear, and 1249 flipped right over. 1038 had been scoring like mad (as they did against us in the quarter final) and 1249 figured out how to slow them down. The whole 3 match set was great to watch.

I know there is a Q&A that says disabled robots get home zone penalties. What should probably be asked in the Q&A is if you can hit the E-Stop to prevent these penalties (just like offside last year, but currently is no mention of the E-Stop for this year). Right now you could be pushed into an opponent’s home zone & become disabled or flipped (happened at FLR) and have no way to prevent penalties. It just doesn’t seem right.


a) 222 deployed their ramp outside the home zone
b) 1429 is inside the opponents home zone by a sprocket…lol

cool pic!