pic: 1251 2013 ROBOT for TBA



What a unique looking 2013 robot.

Do you have any more pictures?

If it weren’t for the Frisbee in frame, the robot might want to get get some inner tubes and play Logomotion.

This robot was too cool to see in South Florida last year. Definitely one of the more unique creations, but the high launch point and angle made them so darn versatile around the field that it made a floor pickup relatively worth it.

That was a cool joint demo! We will see you guys back there Saturday along with 180 and 179.

Wait what??? None of 180 had heard of this… pm details please, as I’m the daughter of an FPL employee and neither of us had heard anything.

It is at a different location than last year, I believe it is the West County Energy Center.

I was told FPL at several meetings and will clarify tomorrow.

So for Gregor and others that have not seen this robot up close. I will be happy to post more pictures soon. The robot as Billfred said was designed with floor loading in mind. The collector on the front is also the storage, sorting and shooting mechanism. This bot also included a ten point hanger. The elevator was to allow us to shoot over what we predicted would be a high amount of robots that would try to block Frisbees. Hence you end up with this design. The collector/shooter really is the coolest part of this robot and I’ll post a close up of that soon.

Did the robot have the ability to be loaded from the feeder station (besides just throwing the discs onto the ground and picking them up)?

Yes, it could have been human loaded from the front. We never really did though because of the accuracy required to line it up with the slot due to the nature of the design. How the game played out it took too much time and we were much more valuable cleaning up any missed shots.

if I where to build a 2013 robot again i would build a floor pick-up seemed to be the one major element that our robot lacked that would have been extremely nice to have.

Here is a pretty good match so you guys can grasp the functionality of the robot.

Reminds me of 3847’s original design.