pic: 1251 Cutting at Sonny's

Cutting a very special piece at Sonny’s (http://www.sonnysdirect.com/)

hmm… what could it be… nobody knows… :smiley:

How’s that machine working out for you? We did our frame rails on a GR 408 and weren’t very happy with it. We were having accuracy issues and the lack of coolant made cutting aluminum just miserable. Do you have the oil mist on it?

We were able to hold +/- .001 on center to center distances and even tighter tolerances for counter bores. So it worked out great for us. It did run with lots of coolant, I am not sure what type of coolant it was. The finish on the piece was great and we were able to cut the pieces at a rather fast feed.

I will ask the machinist at Sonny’s that helped us out what the feed was and what kind of coolant we were using.

Looks thick, sweet!

That Haas mill is a workhorse and yes the oil spray was on. We haven’t had any issues with tolerances just yet but we’ll see soon enough ;). Our fixtures in my opinion are pretty good as we are using six holes to bolt this piece down. You guys will get pictures of what was being cut soon enough and will ask you to tell us how that machine is working. Big thanks to Sonny’s for letting us tie down that machine for about 4 days. On another note for sanddrag Sonny’s told us there are CNC’s that are more accurate and built better. Puma manufactures 4 axis machines that are supposed to be more precise, how I don’t know.


Drewby…Why dont you get to work next and build my elevator.

Yeah, this router is a little different than the one we were using. We had to sit there and babysit it with a spray bottle full of coolant. While they aren’t real great for aluminum, I bet they work a treat on wood and plastics. You could bust out a nice set of cabinet doors on one of those :smiley:

Wow, that’s like $5000 worth of Kurt vises :eek:

I think Dave was referring specifically to how using the Haas router/gantry mill compared to a normal VMC. The gantry setup is much less rigid than a normal VMC.

Haas in general is pretty entry level as far as CNC machine tools go. They’re nice machines, but not many people use them for real exotic stuff.

Can’t wait to see what you guys have cooked up this time :slight_smile: