pic: 1251 Machined Parts

Week 3 Progress! Parts ready to be sent out for anodizing.

3 is always better than 1.

Are you making 3 robots for practicing purposes, or are you pursuing a tethered robot strategy?!
Or are you making extra parts in case your originals break…that’s something that my team should look into


Awesome Machining! Can’t wait to see the robot @ Champs.

We are making two robots. The third set is for showcase and replacement module if needed. We had already cut enough raw material so we just ran them all.

Thanks R.C.

Credit goes to Sean, and some of the machining students from the team. I am just the CAD guy :smiley:

Hopefully the robot will be at championship. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to Championship this year due to conflicting schedule with an event for work.

Beautiful. You guys have been busy. What machine did you do these on?

Woah. I am in awe. Nice work.

  • Nick

Those chamfered spacers are pretty awesome, going to borrow that trick one day.

Thanks Dave.

The drive plates we ran a HAAS VF5, wheels were ran on a HAAS VF7 and then finished on the manual lathe. Spacers were ran on a PUMA 3000Y out of 7075 AL.

Nice work as always Dave/Sean. Is one of them going to be ready in time for scrimmage this year? It would be awesome if you guys could make it again.

How many hours/week does your team work?

@Jonathannorris Thanks! The spacers are an ode to the original PINK team 233. @BruceB this is something that our team probably needs to keep better track of. Our main students probably put in something like 25 to 30 hours a week. Sean our machining mentor and Dave our CAD mentor put in countless hours to make sure things end up looking like this picture, if I had to guess they probably average at least 35- 40 hours a week. These are just estimates and do count weekends.

Thank you Jonathan,

As alwasy we will try to make it, week 1 regional is pushing us to move faster these next couple of weeks. But, only time will tell.

Hope you guys are having a good season so far.

Thanks for the hours answer.
We are only allowed in the school (our work space) for 18 hours a week on most weeks so our bot does not look quite as nice.
BUT…it will still compete.

Dang…some outstanding stuff. Makes our angle aluminum, plexiglass and sheet aluminum robot look a bit primitive. We work about 20 hours per week, have no CAD facilities, abilities, mentors, do all our “machining” via Mark 2 Eyeballs via drill press, hand sander, hand drill, chop saw and hand tools. We may not be pretty but we’re always in the game to the last second of the last match. Not a whine, just an observation as I read a post earlier where a guy was ranking teams as A Level, B Level, C Level. Sometimes it makes me quite distressed as we work in 1/2 a weight room splitting it with the weight lifting guys. I go back and think about why I’m coaching this team. Not for the prettiest robot, not for the top finish EVERY year, but the competition, friend making, and impression that FIRST gives my kids! I still love your robot parts and frankly wish we could do the same sometimes. Good luck in the comp!

This is what makes FIRST such a great program. We started just as you have described; 9 students, 1 teacher, and 1 robot… no CAD… no engineers… no machinist… no big sponsors.

Through a lot of hard work we found a sponsor and build a relationship to last years to come. I was one of those 9 kids, and now 12 years later work for this same sponsor as a mechanical engineer. Our relationship has grown and now we have access to all the manufacturing equipment after hours.

Keep working hard with those kids and the people in your community because you never know where you will be in 10 years. Inspiring great alumni is your best investment for the future of your team and other teams.

Here is an article by By Anthony Analetto, COO for Sonny’s Enterprises. In it, he explains the FIRST program to the Carwash industry and explains how it has changed the way we do things.

Article: http://www.carwashmag.com/home/article/carnauba-not-brazilian/9bf32b5e82694eae4e454ba039f6ac76.html

Grreaaat…Making 2 robots used to be cool. Now 3 is the new cool. :wink:

Nice work guys!

Great article… He totally gets it. I wonder how many Carwash readers he influenced.