pic: 1251 Teaser #1


Taken Feb, 5th, 07

More coming soon.

Wow! that is a nice weld Fillet beautiful its almost a shame to be among us imperfect humans

beautiful welding!

haha yea nice welding job…looks to be an arm or a lift mechanism :slight_smile:

Or, it could be some crazy maniacle robot desinged to carry inertubes and put them over spiders;)

true true lol

Now that’s a clean weld! :slight_smile:
Very strong, with higher grade bolts supporting the welds. Looks a lot like the jack stands for my car.

All the welds on that robot are very nice. Every single piece on that robot was precisely machined. It will be a very good competitor if the drivers can control it right.

… maybe I just know that because I saw that machine in person. :rolleyes:

That is sans the rest of the arm as well, be on the lookout for teaser 2

Nice welding :stuck_out_tongue: