pic: 1251 Teaser #3


1251’s 3rd teaser, we’ve been busy.

That’s an elevator If I’ve ever seen one…

You think so single mindedly

Multiple elevators then? or 2/3/4/n stage?

definitely a forklift like elevator, multi staged. your pink pulleys gave it away

Is that [gasp] ***tape ***on a robot? :eek:

I think it’s pushing the 80" limit too, if this is on a 6’ table. :stuck_out_tongue:

That or its parts for 2 robots.

Warmer :smiley:

I am surprised no one has looked “deeper” into the picture… :wink:

Are you talking about the printout of a CAD render of your robot? From this angle, it isn’t very easy to pick out details from it, except that it appears you guys are doing 8WD. Although I can only barely see it, it seems that the arm might be a double jointed design.

Thats just the rendered base of the robot.
There isn’t any arm or attachments on “That” render. :smiley: