pic: 1251's Rack

Team 1251’s 1:1 scale rack, constructed today. As you can see, its quite large…

MORT TIGERS AND BEARS, O MY! Haha, good luck this year. Looks like you’re ready to test your robot on a full sized field already:p

Hey, is their any way u could list everything yall used to make the rack?

I would suggest adding the stingers on to the feet, this will give you the most accurate replica to use for testing.


This is the set of drawings FIRST gives out on their website as to how to build a wood version of the RACK.

You can find the other PDF files here: http://www.usfirst.org/community/frc/content.aspx?id=452

WOW you guys built that fast! Looks good, hope it comes in handy!

Dont foret the stingers!!!

Hopefully we’ll get ours built by tomorrow, I’m not sure though…yours looks great, I can’t believe how big they actually are.

we just finished our rack today. Good luck 1251! And altho we won’t be seeing you in palmetto this year, do us a favor and meet up with us at nationals :wink: