pic: 1255 BlargleBot

A shot of BlargleBot in the crate on ship day. Nothing too fancy here.

What does it do, or do we have to find that out at the regional? :wink:

It looks as though it herds balls. The little flaps or wings look like they push out and yeah… it’s one of the “cutest” robots I’ve seen this year.

Wow. I agree. Very pretty. I think it would also come in handy next year too - looks like a great platform to modify and test prototypes on.

Well, if any of you were at LSR last year, you might remember our bot. We were the one running around out there without any sort of manipulator, just playing defense. We wanted to build on that strategy this year, but have some scoring capability. The top can hold 10 balls, and moves up slowly so that the balls roll towards (hopefully into) the corner goal in autonomous. The “wings” as we like to call them come down and herd the balls, we then have some landscape edging on the front end which helps us push the balls into the goals. This way, we can score if needed, but we’re gonna rely on our defensive capabilities the most. Also, ramping is no problem.

I’m not really sure how I should take the “cute” comment… :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys definitely caused us some trouble last year at Lone Star in the semifinals. Any time we would go to score a tetra you guys would show up! I hope the defensive strategy works out for you like it did last year and I can’t wait to see yall again in Houston.

I’d say Gary the Snail is cuter XDD

That one still is adorable >.>

Yall gave us a bit of a problem too. Stupid ramps… :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, as a note, we did a “push test” between the 05 bot and BlargleBot…

05 didn’t even budge BlargleBot, but BlargleBot pushed 05 with ease. Unfortunately, I was driving 05 via tether, and happened to be sitting right behind it. 05 rammed into me, and then I moved a bit. Therefore, from first hand experience, I can safely say that BlargleBot has a significant amount of power.

Can’t wait till LSR!

Can we get some drivetrain specs? I’m just curious, is all…

Simple 4WD w/ kit trannies. 8" wheels, chain driven.Like I said in the picture description, nothing too fancy. We have some tires ordered from McMaster on there right now, but we also ordered traction wheels from IFI, and might swap them out. Once again, nothing too fancy, but it’ll get the job done.

Clearly, it flies with those wings.

One thing GB330033 failed to mention about the “push test” is that we did not realize it at the time, but one of our CIM’s on the right side was not getting any power so we were at 3/4 power and still were able to push the 05 bot. As far as the drivetrain is concerned it’s 4WD tank style with two kit transmissions, gear ratio of 28:25 from tranny to wheels, and the wheels are actually closer to 9.6" and slightly deflated because we managed to drill the holes too close to the bars on the frame and they were rubbing. So we’ll have plenty of traction to use our torque ;).