pic: 1257 Finished

Here it is in its final pre-ship state (or at least the most recent picture I have). Constructed solely with handheld power tools and a drill press. Designed entirely and constructed almost entirely by students.

Interesting features to look for:

-shoulder chain tensioner
-slider hose/wire management
-and of course, the drive train (particularly, the rollers and the shifting :slight_smile: transmissions)

Weighs somewhere around 100. Ballast will be added.

Yes, siding was/will be added and the wires tied up nice and neat. And no, the clamp is not really part of it.

Wow thats cool. What appears to be one of those cool drive systems, a cool looking arm driven by the FP motors (have you had any trouble with those?), and just a generally nice looking robot. Good job. Have you weighed it though? It all looks pretty heavy, especially with all the bolts you used to attach everything. In any case though it looks great.

mmmmm, is the clam gonna still be there? :wink:

Do you plan to use Zip Ties on all those extra wires? :smiley:

Those triangles in the arm were done with hand tools?! Wow, I envy your patience.

Plotted out a template with center marks for the fillets. Drilled holes with ~1/2" bits. Jig sawed the lines between the holes. There are usually several people doing nothing, so it gave them a job…

It’s around 100 lb, as the description says. All the 1" square tube is 1/16" wall, not the 1/8" wall that seems to be more common on FIRST robots. I had planned on riveting lots of the structure, but there was so much that we decided we’d like to be able to remove easily “just in case”.

gotta love how the compressor is also at a 45* angle. i was wondering where all the 4wheel omnis would be coming out… after all we have 4 of the same good motor this year

I hope that C-clamp isn’t permanent. =P