pic: 126/1155/1902 CT Champions Group Photo

This is a great shot, thank you to Bob Jadloski from FRC 48 for taking these for us. More photos I took from CT regional are available over at 1902’s website (mostly 1902, but numerous others as well). Feel free to PM me if you would like higher-res versions of any.

go bacon!!!

too bad we couldent pull it off in florida;) …

This is an amazing photo! I really like that it’s taken from above- it gives it a really neat perspective. (I’m also glad to see that the pig made it into the picture!) Congrats to all of your teams on an incredible win. It was a pleasure working with all of you.

Exploding Sciborg Force!!

Timmy looks hilarious in this picture

He’s trying to see how many people he can block out with that trophy!

Welcome to Bob Jadloski Photography 101. Regionals are lucky to have him visit.

Wow, a fantastic winning alliance photo!

What impressed me the most is where the three teams are from-

126 from Clinton, MA
1155 from Da Bronx, NYC
1902 from Orlando, FL

And they won at one of the toughest Regional on the East Coast on the last week of the Regional Comp.