pic: 126 invades Hammond!

I stayed in Hammond for a few days before/after IRI and just had to get a picture…

You should take a picture like that when you come to Enfield this weekend…oh wait just kidding. We don’t have one of those yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

What constitutes an invasion? :ahh:

Looks like it must have been a surprise attack!

South Windsor managed to get our banners displayed in the hallways of the High School lately. I am not sure on the feasibility of a sign :stuck_out_tongue:

I finally got a picture with this sign during my spring break from Ball State this year. Cause somehow, I spent three years on Team Hammond and hadn’t managed to get one! :yikes:

now that you’ve seen the sign Tim, you are officially ‘teh coolio!’

Well, I was part of the team for two of those years and I STILL don’t have a picture with the sign:confused: But I guess, in my defense, they were erected while I was in Wisconsin, and seeing as how I’m still in Wisconsin, um…yeah…that’s the ticket!

the beast is great im glad they picked us at nationals