Pic. 1260. Robot in action

This is our robot, Caution, mounting the tetrahedron. :slight_smile:

thats one awesome robot! congrats on finishing it hope to see it at a regional and nats!

Very cool.

I wish we had black goals :frowning:

hehe nice robot. Very “safe”

Awsome design and an awsome paint job. How did the two wheel system, well it looks like it is only two wheels. Looks smooth and worth seeing. Anyways nice build and hope to see it in competition or nats if we can go this year :frowning:

Does that arm pivot?

We work on a 2 wheel skid system that has 4 corner wheels that give support. In total we have 6 wheels; 2 that drive and 4 that support and pivot. Thanks for the question! Hope to see you at the nats as well, good luck!

Yes, it pivots, pedastals and extends. Thanks for the Question!

Good luck this year!

Thanks for the question!

Good luck this year and hope to see you at the nats!