pic: 1270 Teaser_3

Looks good but heavy. is that gonna be an arm?

umm… thats crazy dude! interesting to see what that is…

looks pretty big? heavy?

is it really necessary to build 3 frames and/or drive bases?

Is that like, 4x4? Why so bulky?

Never mind, just saw this: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/26806

Wow! That’s pretty cool. Drivetrains inside the frame? Looks hard to maintain though, no?

No its the material for 3 bases that are all squared up and ready to be lightened and have the transmission cut-outs put in.

Yes TEAM 1270 always builds two…we always like to have a prototype:D

We used it last year and they worked very well so we are going to use them again this year. They actually are very easy to work on…

Looking nice. I loved your drive train last year; indestructible.

Good luck this year, and hopefully the points, not penalties, will determine your matches.

Thanks Adam I’m hoping for the same Good Luck

Color me confused…

Why is it necessary to have three bases? I understand two (Competition, practice).

they’re hinting at a collaboration with only one practice bot (2 comp + 1 practice) in the other thread

That looks to me like a good place to put a lot of metal :slight_smile:

We are building twin robots this year with a team that we are helping to sponsor, team 1270 is going to the Florida Regional and planning on registering for the Palmetto Regional and 1532 will be attending the Buckeye Regional. I will try and get more pictures up as the twins progress :wink: