pic: 1270 Teaser_4

Could it possibly be several of these?

dang. That’s gotta be 120 lbs itself…

not if they do what they did with the chassis on the link GUI put up…

multiple chassis huh? Perhaps making another bot to keep and practice while the other is shipped?

Hmmm… just kiddin yeah its the material for 3 bases

Yeah one is a prototype so the team(s) can practice while the competition bot(s) get shipped…:wink:

I sense a collaboration.

Usually what team(s) means :wink:

Thanks Cory, I was trying to see if Mike would give in and tell us who is 1270 working with this year.

We are building twin robots this year with a team that we are helping to sponsor, team 1270 is going to the Florida Regional and planning on registering for the Palmetto Regional and 1532 will be attending the Buckeye Regional. I will try and get more pictures up as the twins progress:)