pic: 1276 - Kaizen Blitz 2005 bot


This is Kaizen’s 2005 robot. It has a three stage telescoping fire ladder with a rotating arm and a three pronged claw known as Angry Hook V2.0

The pitch is also controlled with a threaded rod.

Our bot can hoard up to six tetras and deploy them two at a time.

Looking forward to the 2005 BAE Granite State Regional. Hope to see you there!

That claw definitely resembles our claw this year and we love ours so far

How do you manage your center of gravity? What if some bot hits you?

I’m just going to assume that you can hold the tetra better than the arcade version?

Yes. The pneumatic cylinder keeps it closed. You can’t pull it out of the claw actually.

Most of the time tetras are contained on the base. Also when there are tetras in the air there are usually one or two or three 8 lb tetras on the base. They are only in the air near the goal. Also in case anyone wanted to do some scouting heres the full spec sheet:

2 front omni wheels and 2 back 8" back wheels (not omni wheels)
Max speed 9fps
Able to place the 7th tetra on the center goal.
Can carry 2 tetras in the claw and a stack of 4 on the base
Can load 4 tetras from the manual and deploy them on a nearby goal in 45 secs.
Autonomous Mode-Able to stack the tetra given to each alliance at the beginning of the match.

And the mentors said it couldn’t be done! That’s exactly the type of claw I came up with at the beginning of the season! Rrrggghhh…

Oh well… at least we saved some weight by not having pneumatics…