pic: 1276's 2006 Robot

I was perusing through my photos from BAE and found this. See you on Gallileo!

two words describe this bot…


It does look like beast material, looks a little similar to 229’s bot. great design huh.

Oh, it is Beast material.

Looks good, I love the wheels. You might want to work on that wiring though…

how many balls can it hold? what’s the shooting range? Excited to see you all at ATL on galileo with (and against)us.

I know I’m not on the team, but I really want to answer one of those questions.

I have no idea about ball capacity. Shooting range is hard to tell cause they would get up on the ramp to slaughter the opponent rather than sit on the carpet.

This robot is and will be one of the major dark horses of the Galileo division. At BAE it was a force. Essentially, it would sneak up the ramp whenever there was an opening…and before you knew it, your team was behind 20 - 30 points. Very very deadly robot. One of my picks to take Galileo.

As I said before…New England will be representing in a major way in Atlanta.

This robot is amazing, if they get on the ramp the match is as good as over, the only way to stop them from getting up is to sit in front of the ramp. If you do that they just shoot over you.