pic: 1276's Handouts

This year, we decided to make use of a CNC machine to make handouts, instead of buttons, becuase we wanted to make something memorable. These are game boards, like the kind you find at Friendly’s with the little pegs. The holes are for #10 bolts, which will be handed out with the boards. We’ll have nearly as many boards with us at BAE as we did buttons last year.

Chocolate?? j/k. Very cool idea! looks nice!


Interesting… those are wood discs, correct? How thick are they? Nice idea, but unfortunately, expensive by my guess if you want to make a whole lot and finish/stain them nicely, compared to buttons.

Nice idea overall!

i think the main question everyone wants to know is…


and Nats only? or regionals + nats?

Very nice! Can’t wait to see one in person!

Expensive. But they look really nice.

I have a beautiful wooden pin that Team 1108, Panther Robotics, made a few years back as a giveaway. I treasure it and wear it every season.
These are beautiful and very special. Good work!


Those are really cool. Nice use of the CNC Machine…

We’ll have between 250-300 at BAE (which is not how many buttons we had last year, we will not be making as many as we had originally planned). We won’t got to nationals unless we qualify, at which point I’m not sure if we’ll make more or not.

Yes, they are wooden disks, and I think they’re 1/2 thick. The hole is for a #10 bolt, so if you were really bored you could figure out the diameter, but I think it is in the 6" region.

Wow! Those are awesome looking hand-outs!

I’m impressed. Nice idea!

Better make some buttons: those aren’t gonna last long.:slight_smile:

I love playing with them things every time I go to Cracker Barrel, but I always lose.