pic: 1279 Up the ramp Now in the crate

that looks strangely familiar

what happens if you unplug it

then put a quarter in it

then wish you were big?

its ZOLTAR! :ahh:

does it go al the way up the ramp or does it grip itself to the ramp just so it doesn’t touch the ground

Yes, goes all the way up.

WOW! I would be afraid of driving it up the ramp :ahh: I’m curious to know what your ball capacity is, it looks like you have plenty of room.

:confused: Do you have a shooting mechanism or can we just not see it?

Behind the green plastic… :slight_smile:

Oh no…She goes all the way.

man i wish i had helped build that sexy beast…

and program it…

1279 looks to be a power house again

hey were going to trenton soon! looks like u guys have a pretty strong robot this year, u just hope ur not agianst us and with us, then let the evil begin! mauahahahha :smiley:

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This baby has plenty of room for balls and she can go all the way.No stopin now. To Trenton! Did i mention she can go from bake to broil in just under 1.376 seconds.[/quote]