pic: 1279's beastly landing at monty madness 3

the title says it all

i dream of Monty Madness

that was a hell of a match i beleive my alliance was up against these guys. thanks to 1279 we were able to get our rollers working. (25 chain master link.) those things are so small

I rather liked the balance-on-the-back-bumper act the robot did before the poof ball squished and let it come to rest against the wall. All of us at the scoring table were holding our breath, waiting to see which way it would fall. I’m sure all the positive mental energy helped it go the way it did :slight_smile:

I’m surprised that the energy waves created by my wingman Liam and I screaming at the darn thing didn’t knock it flat on its face. I knew that lexan wall was there for something.

Did your alliance win this match. Becouse i think this was the match that my team was feeding balls to some team. I cant remember.