pic: 128-0 Greater Toronto Regional


Let’s hear it for 4-digit teams! :]

Congratulations, I believe that’s the high score now!

Man that is a crazy good high score. And with those 4-digit teams. Man I bet that was a great match for you guys. Congradulations on the 128 score. Thats the highest that i have seen so far.

i cant believe how wellsome of the young teams have been doing

Is there a video of this match anywhere? If yes, please post a link here. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Congratulation to teams 1114, 1305 and 1511 for winning that regional and for breaking the highest score record. Way to show how much damage Canadian teams can do. :slight_smile:

This was posted in another thread somewhere, but I couldn’t find which one; anyways, the link is http://www-chi.nearnorth.edu.on.ca/nnsri05/GTR.avi.

wow, good job guys, and thanks to whoever recorded the vid, because i was in the pits at the time, and i missed that game. and thanks Ian for posting the link :slight_smile:



is 1114 home page and videos are



That’s because this photo is from 2005, not 2006.