pic: 128-0 Scoreboard

Wow. Doesn’t that mean Dave Lavery has to buy dinner for everyone on that team? I remember hearing at the So Cal regional his bet was to top 121. WOW. Congrats

Good job. Which ever teams did that must have worked really well together. Hopefully they made it to Nationals.

That they did. Both 1114 and 1305 were excellent at “going deep”. They consistently broke the home rows of many teams. 1511 stayed close to home working the middle and their own home row. This score could have been even higher, but 1114 knocked 2 or 3 tetras off the autoloader in their pick up attempts.

And yes, all three teams are going to Atlanta.

Im still amazed at this scoreboard…

I remember at the end of the match standing on the sidelines as part of the 1511 pit crew… and at the end of the match I started to look around trying to figure out who had won… our other mentor turned to me and said “Holy Cow, we have all the goals!!” I looked around and realized it was true.

What an amazing alliance, both 1114 and 1305 were so easy to work with, it seemed very natural, and was soooo much fun! I think my favorite image (wish i had my camera) was at the end when we all won, the 1114 driver got up on the 1305 forklift(cart), and was waving our flag… what symbology :slight_smile:

Congrats to 1114, 1305, and 1511 you were an awesome alliance and earned your victory in the finals. You guys were tough separated, but unstoppable together and thats all there is to it. Congratulations and I hope to see you all at nationals. And not only was 1305 excellent at “going deep” they also have one of the strongest drive trains around and will give most teams the fight of their lives if they get in their way.

Dinner with Dave Lavery would be very fun and expensive :P.

If anything like his bets at Chesapeake, it applies to only the regional where the bet was made, and it most likely is only 1 dinner, as he owed the alliance that originally got a 120 high score at Chesapeake, which the 173,1027,153 alliance beat.

Nope. That bet was only good for the event at Chesapeake, and only because I was able to get Jeff Seaton to agree to split the cost of the awarded steak dinner with me. I’m not dumb enough to make that same bet twice! :slight_smile: (OK, in the spirit of full disclosure, Jeff didn’t exactly have an option here, since the very first he heard that he was sharing the cost was when I announced it on the field - but he got me back the next day with the Krispy Kreme bet!)

Anyway, congratulations to 1114, 1305, and 1511 for setting a new scoring record for the season. Well done! Too bad you still only got 0 Ranking Points for the round, as your opponent alliance was left with 0.


Almost Dave,

The ranking point calculation was changed in one of the late updates (I think 2nd week of regionals). It is now the lower of your or your opponent’s score BEFORE penalties are assessed.

Edit: Team Update 15 - and it is the winner’s ranking points that are calculated that way. Loser’s is still after penalties.

Interesting point. It was interesting to watch the the GTR regional, because certain teams obviously figured out the value of ranking points. I noticed that a few smart teams who while winning big, would intentionally allow their opponents to keep their home row intact. That kind of smart strategy makes me smile.

As for this match, it was actually in the elimination rounds, so Ranking Points were not the biggest concern. But your point is well taken, without the ability to score for your opponents, short of picking up their vision tetras or other tetras that they dropped, the best way to ensure your opponents of a high score is to let them keep a row.

We too realized this key component of the game at Chesapeake a few weeks ago, and in some matches would allow home rows to be intact and in one or two matches we would actually cap the opposing sides goals in order to increase our ranking points.

i saw that match and it was AMAZING!!!

and at first i thought the 108-0 was good… but dam…
… you guys definately deserve the finals… but i wish our team coulda been in an aliance with you *even thought 703 and 1680 are great teams… . . meh… we gave you guys a good run for your money … . ehhe… 66:64 b4 penalties (just imagine if we didnlt get those penalties)… i still dont see how they called those two 30s . . but that next 30 on 1305 was ok… even thought it seemed 1305 just went to human load so we would knock into you not cause they wanted a tetra… ahhaa…smart if they did… :D… ahhh… and the curse of the dead battery in that last round :(… .

… . looking forward to seeing you guys in atlanta so we can settle the score :smiley: … and thats cool that more teams are noticing that strat of letting the others stack some… . i told our drivers that near the end cuz i wanted us to be number 1 seed and beat out 1114… . :D… . evil 865… pin us in a corner :S

I was hoping to coordinate an alliance celebration dinner in Atlanta on Thursday evening to celebrate the record setting match, and the subsequent Greater Toronto victory. Maybe Dave Lavery would like to join us??? (We’ll buy HIS steak!)

  • Steve

Let me know the time and place and I will put it on our agenda for Atlanta.