pic: 1293 in action at Palmetto

My mom caught this picture of us on Friday. On the far left you see 1251 (Tech Tigers), in the loading zone is 1026 (Cougar Robotics, if I remember), at the far goal there is 247 (Da Bears), and we're at the near corner, our lift in full effect.

(Now for the real challenge–where am I in this picture?)

You are coaching 1293 with the green shirt on (bottom left corner).

Now do I get a cookie or do I get to duct tape you again? :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that 1226 or 1026? Its a little blurred but it looks like 1226. Yea I’ll go with Arefin, bottom corner. So what’s this I hear about duct tape? :smiley:

GO 1403!!!

Whats sad is I remember all of the teams in that picture as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

It’s 1026 for sure–I went back and looked at the match results. (We were only with 247 one time the whole competition, which made it easy.)

As for the duct tape…you don’t wanna know.

Nice picture Billfred, :smiley:

I remember that match, you guys are a great team.