pic: 1293 in the Chapin Labor Day Parade

Courtesy of my mother, this is a picture of some of 1293 walking in the parade with Ockham. From left to right (or back to front?) is Katie, Parag, myself, Scott, Ms. Stankovic, and Mr. Hosford.

You can also see a good shot of our mounting setup for three batteries, which came in quite handy along the route. It’s essentially the same setup we used for competition (a chunk of kitbot frame cut down and held by some allthread), but with a longer platform to hold the batteries and longer allthread. It was quite handy for mid-route battery switches, which we did at least once during the parade. Perhaps twice.

Parades are very cool to be in. Best FREE publicity you can get. It’s worth the wear on those tires.


Actually, the trained eye may note that those tires have a history–they were used on Bob, our infamous window-motor-drive robot, in 2004. They didn’t take that much work to get on, and they worked much better than our harder plastic ones would have on asphalt.