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It is probably reasonably quick to change gearboxes/motors over if your using VP’s. However because 775pro’s are such a precious resource this season, with the supply issues it can’t exactly be practical to be going through them at that rate:)

Have you had any issues with the carrier plates of the gearbox or any other issues with them?
The load rating data sheet, says that the big reduction(7,9,10:1) carrier plates says that they can withstand up to 100 N-m, so your not to close to that, but there are a lot of different stresses in a drivetrain. I suppose part of the reasoning for having the sprocket reduction after the planetary reduction stage was to reduce the torque on the gearbox?

Also how often do you grease the gearboxes?

How many 775 pros did you buy?!

we have a special technique for the carrier plates… we punch the gear pins so the expand. they last longer that way. the sprocket reduction after the gearbox does reduce the torque, but the main idea behind it was that it was easier to install that way.

We greased the gearboxes once when we built it, and one more time when we changed the ratios at Montreal. We don’t plan on greasing them again

We got the motor swap down to about 7 minutes per side. On the VPs we weld the pins and bore out the gears putting needle bearings in to spin on the pins and fortunately we did not have any problems. Swapping the VP would have been a much longer task.