pic: 12VoltBolt 2010


Another view of our 2010 robot.

You can see the kicker extended,
And our Gravity Acquisition-and-Manipulation Efficiency Regulator (24lb steel plate)

Any questions?

wow… that bot is so tiny

um just wondering isn’t the light suppose to be on the front of the robot and not in it?

I think the only rule is that it has to visible from 3 feet. Looks visible:D

<R59> ROBOTS shall use the diagnostic Robot Signal Light provided in the KOP. It must be mounted on the ROBOT such that it is easily visible while standing three feet in front of the ROBOT in the NORMAL CONFIGURATION.

I’d call that visible–the picture looks like the camera holder was at least 5-6 feet away, and it sure could be seen from farther away.

I saw this bot at Robot Ruckus and was about 15 or so feet away and it was visible. They should be good:)