A beautiful, “Patriot-esque” moment from the Florida Regional

our flag has “dissapeard”!!

we havent seen it since the Regional…if anyone has any info. we would like it back lol…

seriously! we havent seen it since the Regional:confused:

we probobly left it in the Pits at UCF:rolleyes: …If anyone saw it after we left,we want it back:p

If you left it somewhere in the arena…it should have been put in Lost and Found and sent to FIRST HDQs. I know that 801 Horsepower is missing their flag as well.

that what we figured, they would then contact, our main team-contact right?

We think someones playing a joke on us:rolleyes:

More likely FIRST Capture the Flag… Or it’s in the Lost and Found.

Is that a quote from Dave-lavery?

I would call them and alert them to the fact that it may be in lost and found. I’m not sure they would contact you.

I don’t think it would be their responsibility to contact you. i suggest contacting them ASAP since its been a long time since the event.:ahh:

:ahh: we already have lol

No. It’s a game that started a bit ago, when 126 got 190’s flag and 190 got 88’s. I understand that one of the Midwest teams got 111’s this year. Rules are simple: Find a flag of another team that got left behind (no taking it while they’re there!) at an event, take a picture with said flag at your place (or with a team member in uniform) and you get one point. You also have to contact the team who owns the flag and return it.

Team 461 found Wildstang’s flag left behind in the pits after Boilermaker. I believe it has been returned, though we were holding out for some CAD files of their crab drive… :wink:

I’d say give them(FIRST) a little bit of time to go through everything…with no less than 7 trucks carrying everything from the regionals back to HQ, it may take a little while for them to go through what was left in Lost & Found at every regional. If you’ve already contacted frcteams, I would just want and see what you hear back. It may also be worthwhile to contact the office for the venue(if you haven’t already). Depending on where it was found, FIRST might have already left, and the flag turned into the venue’s lost and found instead.