pic: 13 Gears

And could have done more! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Accomplished by the winning alliance of teams 75, 25, and 1923 at the MAR Montgomery District Event.


I couldn’t resist.

Why do you run gears like you’re running out of time?

That’s happened once or twice to us too.

My favorite 13 gear match was one of 1018’s QF matches at Perry. Their team in general is full of spirit and in return are very loud. At Perry, we sat next to them. They had 4 rotors going and a 13th gear on the spring. 1018’s cheer section didn’t realize they had 4 rotors already and all of them were yelling “GEAR!!!” frantically. I yelled over to them “You already have 4 rotors!”. After the match, a girl on their team came up to me and said something along the lines of “Thanks. None of us saw we had 4 rotors.” All in all, it was a kind of funny match to be sitting next to 1018. They are great people.

Thanks so much for the compliments Logan but if you really want a spectacle look up qual 43 at the district championship where we had two extra gears and our pilot held them up like they were Simba.

Why do I now want to see a picture of Lenny holding a bunch of gears like that?

Who doesn’t?