pic: 1306 2014: The Dahmenator

Our 2014 robot in (fairly) complete form. It’s missing the “fingers” on the catapult and the sponsor board/catching assist.

Dahmenator is in honor of Madison Memorial High School principal Bruce Dahmen, who died suddenly while attending the basketball game of one of his alumni. Our team was started at Memorial, and many of our students still come from there.

$@#$@#$@#$@#, do i see 13 tanks!:eek:

that’s a lot of air

I’d think at 13 tanks, a compressor and a single tank would weigh less…

EDIT: You do have a compressor on there, too.
Why all the tanks? Capacity for the catapult?

Do I see what could be one of the older larger Thompson compressors mounted beneath the bank of plastic tanks? Perhaps its mechanisms rely on a large volume/consistent pressure air? There are some pretty decent size cylinders there.

The tanks on the left are low pressure, the tanks on the right are high pressure. The tanks on the low pressure side are more for firing speed than storage. We do have 2 more plastic tanks available for the high side if we need them.

There is a compressor on there as well. We should be able to get about 6 or 7 catapult shots on those tanks alone, but we had the weight for the compressor and the tanks. We’re at about 100 lbs right now.