pic: 1306 Team Photo

Team photo with all our Chairman’s swag!

Toward the back (L-R): Devin, Jon V., me (Max), Jon K, Evan, Ben R., Joel, Das, Arik, James, Fiona (higher), Iffat (lower), Tobin, Newton, Mentor Abby (from 1714), Dave R., Chip (from 171)

Toward the front (L-R): Amol, Sue, Ben K., Willa, Finn, Sully, Ryan, Braxton, Erich (my brother), Christina, Amelia (lower), (Ben) Senson, Student Abby, Emmett, David, Zander (from 2169), Pat, Cathy

Congrats on your Chairman’s Award! From what the judges had to say in their award presentation brief, it sounds like you really do amazing things over yonder in Madison! Keep up the great work!