pic: 1308 assisted by 302 and 1511 at Buckeye

GP at its finest: when 1308 was not allowed to compete due to school rules (regarding Good Friday observance) after 12 noon today, two competing teams at Buckeye volunteered to stand in as operators and pit crew for their robot.

The picture shows member of 302 and 1511 rebuilding the 1308 robot, just in time to make one of the three scheduled matches they would otherwise have missed this afternoon.

i was very proud of the teams who helped them out, we also did that and gave them a perseverance award. it was a great robot due to the difficulties of school, nice job guys.

Extra notes: 1308 made a very nice thank-you announcement during awards, citing both 1511 and 302. I recall seeing help from 1227, 1126, and 279 also. Maybe someone can help by citing others I might have missed who also stepped in to assist 1308 when they needed it?

Also, special thanks to 1511 (Highest Rookie Seed 2005 Buckeye Regional!) for picking my team 931 along with 302 as alliance partners. We made it to the semis and went down fighting! Congratulations and kudos to an exemplary veteran team and to a rookie alliance captain that conducted themselves like veterans.


We did a great job guys. It was amazing to see 1511 helping along with my team. We did some great job helping out 1308. Although i couldnt be there most of the time(due to driving) i helped as much as i could. It was truely an act of gracious professionalism.
A thank you to 1511 and 931 for being such great alliance partners

Wow not even a problem that would have occured to me.

Awesome display of GP By 302 and 1511